Btan was born in 2010, with the aim of bringing the beauty secret of Hollywood stars to Italy: the best self-tanning products.

Thus was born Btan, the first Italian brand specialized in spray tanning, a natural method to have the skin with a healthy and golden color all year round, without contraindications.

The project of the entrepreneur Carlotta Niccolo, who has always been in love with the sun and the beneficial effects it gives to the mind and body, has proved successful: actresses, TV stars, journalists and big names in fashion have relied on the experience of Carlotta who has created, after years of studies, a made in Italy product, without equal.


The pandemic then upset the world of Btan, like many companies, it dedicated this moment of stop to renewal.

Our team of experts then focused on improving product formulations and studying new ones. Because the satisfaction of our customers remains and will always be our most important goal


The sun has many benefits on our system: the sun is life, energy, it helps us sleep better, it improves our mood and removes stress.

However, the sun’s rays can also be very harmful to our skin, they are in fact the primary cause of skin aging and melanomas.

The tanned appearance, however, makes people look slimmer, healthier and generally more attractive. Thanks to our natural self-tanners you can be tanned without aging your skin. Thanks to our natural self-tanners you can be tanned without aging your skin.

How TO GET tan the perfect

Lots of tips for a perfect tan and the answers to all your questions.
Get a flawless finish, from prep to PERFECT GLOW.