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«Tanning is chic», declared Coco Chanel in 1923, upon her return from Saint-Tropez, overturning the aristocratic custom that imposed on women a milky white skin. She was the one who launched the trend of the tanned skin by having herself photographed by
photographers from around the world with a sunkissed skin.

«And she is not wrong» comments Carlotta Niccolo, CEO of BTAN, the company she founded in 2010 and that has already tanned over 5000 people. «The sun is life, energy, improves mood and reduces stress. A tanned appearance makes people seem healthier, slimmer and more attractive». But UV rays are also harmful to the skin. Prolonged exposure to sunlight and tanning beds is the primary cause of skin aging and can also cause erythema and melanomas.

This is where the idea of Il Sole Spray comes from. With BTAN you can be tan all year round, without contraindications for your skin and heath.

Carlotta Niccolo, forty-year-old entrepreneur, born in Biella and with a degree in Law is the founder of Btan, the first Italian brand specialized in spray tanning.

Carlotta started her professional carreer in a law firm, but from the very first day she realized that wasn’t her path. «What made me feel better» she says, «was helping people feel comfortable with their bodies and themselves. I wanted to find something different and, at the same time, natural, that could enhance the uniqueness of each person»

Carlotta then embarked on a training and work journey that led her to venture into the world of fashion and wellness. She then flew to the United States, where she had an intuition that allowed her to combine her calling with an entrepreneurial idea.

«What is more natural than a beautiful tan to feel your best?» Carlotta wonders while sunbathing on an oceanic beach At that precise moment two girls dressed as a police officers approached her. «Why do you waste time sunbathing?» one of them asks, «Do you want to age prematurely?» warns the other. Then they both start laughing and give her a business card of a spray tanning salon.

At that precise moment, Carlotta realizes that she has found what shehad been looking for: tanning without side effects. She attends an Academy to become a Professional Spray Tan Artist, as well as several training and make-up courses in Los Angeles (California) – the homeland of the star system – to better understand the secrets of spray tanning.

Back in Italy, in 2010 she founded BTAN in search of the magic formula that would allow people to tan isimply and naturally, with the desired intensity, evenly, without spots or streaks.

Thanks to the help of experts, she studies a mix of natural ingredients and creates theBTAN formula, which is available in self tanning products to meet the needs of a dicerse clientele.

«I like to see people look in the mirror satisfied with the result achieved in such a short time» says Carlotta. Now she alternates her entrepreneurial commitment with back-stages work in the world of fashion and entertainment – enhancing actors, influencers, model and starlets – and personally supervise the training of Btan Spray Tan Artists. Btan Professional Spray Tan Artist perform the professional mobile spray tanning service in the province of Milano, Lecco, Varese, Como, Voghera, Pavia and Biella

Carlotta proudly shares that one of the aspects that gives her more joy is “brightening” the wedding day. Brides, grooms and guests look radiant on one of the most important day of their lives.

«Aesthetics isn’t everything» concludes Carlotta, «a person must find within themselves the confidence to face their life. But just like a good make-up, or a beautiful dress make you feel better, why not add a radiant ad organic tan to enhance your best features?».


The benefits of the sun on the body are truly many: the sun is life, it is energy, it helps to sleep better, improves mood, and reduces stress.

However, sun rays can also be very harmful to our skin, as they are the main cause of skin aging and melanomas.

Having a tan, on the other hand, makes people appear slimmer, healthier, and generally more attractive. Thanks to our organic self-tanners, you can have a tan without aging your skin.

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