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BTAN products are a new generation of self-tanners that, thanks to the organic DHA contained in the formula, automatically adapt to the complexion they meet. Finally, with our self-tanner vanishes the risk of mistaken color or of an artificial orange effect. If you are looking for a natural tanned effect achievable in few hours, the Instant Tan products are made for you: your skin will bel glow, gold and tanned.

From the simple glow effect to the sea effect, as if you had spent a relaxing week on the beach, with our self-tanners in Spray, Cream or Mousse, in a few hours your skin will be golden, luminous and rested.

If you’re looking for products that help you get rid of the typical winter feeling, that make your skin glow and look healthier, the products from BTAN’s gradual line are right for you! Day after day your skin will be brighter, hydrated and healthy.


If you want to have a perfect and long-lasting tan, the products from the PERFECT TAN line are for you! Both the PERFECT TAN Body Butter and the PERFECT TAN Shower Gel in the two fragrances do not contain mineral oils, alcoholic perfumes or chemical agents that would make the tan fade more quickly.

Day after day your skin will be brighter, hydrated and visibly healthy.


If you want a uniform tan, the tools from the PERFECT TAN line are for you!

Use these tools, specifically designed to ensure easy, fast and uniform application of IL SOLE products.