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Spray tan at home in Milan

The tan you dreamed of, in your home

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Getting a perfect tan is everyone’s dream, with the arrival of summer. Who wouldn’t want to arrive at the beach with a perfect tan to show off, without having to spend hours burning in the sun? The solution is spray tanning at home, a professional service available in Milan and Biella.

After all, it is well known that exposure to the sun and UV rays damages the skin in several ways. Not only does it initiate an oxidation process that frees free radicals and accelerates skin aging; but, above all, it can damage the DNA of skin cells, favoring the onset of serious diseases, such as melanomas. We talked more about it in a recent article explaining why sunbathing is bad for you.

In this in-depth study we will discover all the advantages of the professional home spray tan service, through the following points:


Spray tanning at home: how the professional service works

The products of the Btan line are latest generation self-tanners, which give the perfect tan for all skin types and, at the same time, nourish and protect the skin. There is a wide range of self-tanning products available in our shop.

The professional home service, however, is the best you could wish for in the professional tanning sector. 

By booking an appointment, a specialized operator goes directly to the user’s home with all the equipment necessary to apply the tanning product without dirtying and in a truly homogeneous way, after studying your skin and selecting the most suitable self-tanner.

The equipment supplied, in fact, includes a special airbrush for a homogeneous application of the product and a fabric booth inside which the spray tan is applied in total safety for the surrounding environment. In just 45 minutes you will get a perfect tan without dirtying the house. 

Thanks to the professional equipment and the expertise of the operators, the result will be of an unrivaled level through any other method of applying artificial tanning. The tan will last up to 10 days.

Spray tanning: how self-tanner works

The wide range of Btan self-tanners includes self-tanning sprays, mousse and cream, with immediate or gradual action, and of various shades of intensity. In this way, we can offer the perfect tan for all skin types.

For our home artificial tanning service, we use the best spray tan, patented in our laboratories. A product that respects the skin, protects and nourishes it, giving it a perfect complexion and without the risks of sun exposure.

Spray tanning, in fact, is not a real tan: it does not stimulate the activation of melanin, as the UV rays of the sun do, but activates a simple pigmentation of the surface layer of the dermis. But how does the spray tan work?

It is a compound containing organic DHA, a molecule extracted from sugar cane that reacts with the proteins present on the surface layer of the skin, darkening them and thus creating a tanned effect that does not develop melanin and therefore does not age the skin. Vitamins and moisturizing ingredients make the application of the bronzer a real anti-aging treatment. 

spray Tanning a domicilio

Why choose professional spray tan

There are many reasons for choosing the professional home spray tan application service.

Let’s summarize them:

  • In just 45 minutes you get the perfect tan, comfortably in your home
  • Do not get dirty in the house
  • The operator has the tools and expertise to apply self-tanner in the best way
  • You do not expose yourself to the harmful action of UV rays
  • Nourish and protect your skin with a real anti-aging treatment

How to prepare for the spray tan

Since the active ingredient of the self-tanner – DHA – acts on the superficial layer of the dermis, it is essential to prepare the skin for treatment in order to obtain a better and longer lasting result. Here are our tips for preparing for self-tanner:

  • SCRUB. Do a scrub 12 hours before the treatment and do not use any creams, oils or deodorants. This will ensure that all dead cells are removed and therefore the longest-lived ones will absorb the DHA.
  • DEPILATE 24 hours before, so that the hair does not hinder absorption. But be careful, it is important to respect this time interval, so as not to apply the product on irritated skin.
  • WAIT after the treatment at least 5/6 hours before taking a shower, exercising or sweating excessively. It is important to let the DHA take effect.
  • COMFORTABLE CLOTHING. Until the first shower, we recommend that you wear loose, dark-colored clothing. In fact, in the very first hours the product could slightly color the sweat, which is then absorbed by the fabrics.
  • WASH THE EXCESS within 12 hours of treatment.
  • MOISTURIZE in the following days, using BTAN – IL SOLE products to maintain and prolong the result.

Always remember one important thing: the spray tan does not protect from the sun, so you should always apply sunscreen when exposed to the sun, even if we have gained a beautiful golden skin thanks to the treatment. We explained why in our previous article, in which we talked about what tanning is.

This summer, don’t give up on a perfect tan: just give up sun damage on your skin. Get the best tan possible, thanks to the professional home spray tan service in Milan and Biella. Book Now!

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