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self-tanning products

The tanned effect occurs thanks to DHA (dihydroxyacetone), a molecule extracted from sugar cane that acts on the superficial horny layers of the skin, developing a natural reaction called polymerization which creates proteins with a bronze appearance, giving the skin a tan-like color without stimulating melanin.
The DHA in BTAN products is organic and UFSC certified, and the composition of the products, 99% of natural origin, guarantees a naturally golden color that will gradually disappear with normal cell exfoliation, without leaving marks or artificial color (yellow/orange).

It is recommended to use instant-tan self-tanners no more than 3 times a week, while gradual-tan products can be used daily.
It is recommended to exfoliate the skin with the Perfect Scrub glove before reapplying self-tanners, thus removing product residues and dead cells for a smooth skin and a perfect result.

The tanning effect typically lasts from 3 to 5 days.
For a longer-lasting result, it is important to pay attention to pre and post-application. It is recommended to scrub your skin in the hours leading up to the application of the products and to keep your skin well hydrated in the following days, preferably using Il Sole Everyday, an excellent tanning maintainer.
Additionally, it is very important to respect the recommended timing: the DHA in the products develops in the 3/4 hours following the application, so it is essential to wait at least 5 hours before rinsing off any excess product with water.
However, be aware that the product must be rinsed off within 12 hours of application.

No, BTAN self-tanners do not dry out the skin. Although the DHA in the products may slightly dry out the skin, the formula is enriched with natural moisturizing emollients, vitamins, and anti-aging active ingredients that hydrate and illuminate the skin.

In instant-tan products, the DHA content develops within 3/4 hours after application and colored polymers (similar to makeup) guarantee an instant bornzed effect.
On the other hand, gradual-tan products do not have an immediate effect and the color develops gradually after 4/5 hours.

Of course, BTAN products are approved by the FDA and the Ministry of Health. Our self-tanners meet strict safely criteria and can be used regularly throghout the year without any contraindications.
While UV rays activate melanin causing premature skin aging and the possible development of melanomas, self-tanners activate a process that only affects the top layer of the skin, so they can be incorporated into any beauty routine.

BTAN products are suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive, because they are 99% natural.
The result obtained varies according to the starting skin tone and how much product is applied.

Thanks to the organic composition, the color is absolutely natural and golden. DHA enhances the skin tone by up to 2 shades depending on the amount of product applied. Proper skin preparation prevents stains and hydration in the following days promotes even fading.
If your skin, after using the self-tanner, appears slightly orange, it may indicate a slightly more acidic pH than normal and perhaps you are using too aggressive cleansing products.

BTAN self-tanning products are perfect for those with vitiligo, as they can cover the light patches and create a uniform complexion.
We recommend applying the product with the Perfect Tan brush for greater precision.
Start by applying the product from the center of the white patch outwards, up to 1/2 mm from the edge; let it dry and proceed with a second layer on the entire body using the Perfect Tan glove. Let it dry again. If the lighter patches are still noticeable, reapply the product to them with the brush.

BTAN products allow you to achieve a tan that lasts up to 5 days. It is essential to wait at least 4 hours before rinsing the excess of product, while in the following days you can shower and bathe. Avoid the use of exfoliating products if possible.

Yes, but Chlorine tends to lighten the skin, so the effect may fade more quickly.

BTAN products, in addition to having a pleasant fragrance and moisturizing the skin, contain active anti-aging ingredients that make the product a real beauty elixir.

BTAN products can be used before going to the beach to have a golden and luminous complexion, but be careful, THEY DO NOT CONTAIN SPF, therefore they do not protect against sun rays.

No, BTAN self-tanners contain DHA, which reacts with proteins present on the stratum corneum of the skin, therefore, they do not develop melanin, the main cause of skin aging and the onset of melanomas.

Once 3/4 hours have passed since application, you can rinse the skin to remove excess product, and from that moment there will be no risk of staining fabrics.
It is possible that, through rubbing, the product may release slightly on clothes between application and the first rinse.
Simply wash them with a neutral soap at 30° to remove any residual color traces.
Pay attention to natural fibers such as linen, silk, and hemp, which may instead absorb and retain the color..

No, DHA does not stain or discolor hair.
Be careful with white hair, as it could turn yellow when in contact with DHA.
Cover your hair with a headband or cap and pay attention to your beard. Always clean your beard and hair with a damp cloth or cotton ball after applying the products.

No, there are no contraindications, but it is still recommended not to apply the products directly to intimate areas.

It is recommended to wax and shave before applying self-tanning products. Waxing should be done at least 24 hours before while shaving at least 12 hours before the application of the products.

No. It is not recommended to apply layers of product one on top of the other without washing. It’s important doing a scrub (at least every 10 days). Layering the product creates an unnatural color and could create spots on the skin.

For optimal results, it is recommended to wash off the excess product no later than 12 hours after application.

If the product is applied and then washed off immediately, the effect will disappear because the active ingredient has not yet started to develop the tan. In the following days, you can do a scrub to reduce the tanning effect, but you will still have to wait for the natural cell renewal to see the entire effect disappear.

Yes, BTAN products are 99% natural and the DHA does not penetrate deeply, so pregnant women can use them without any contraindications.
However, it is recommended not to apply the product directly on the nipples if you are breastfeeding.

Right after applying the product, you can use powder makeup, while for foundation or cream concealers, it is recommended to not spread the product but to dab it in small quantities.

After rinsing off, you can apply makeup normally, both with cream and powder products.

It is recommended to cover your hair with a cap and try not to apply the product directly to the white beard. After applying, always clean your beard and hair with a damp towel or wet cotton.

BTAN self-tanning products are the only safe alternative to achive a golden complexion for those who suffer from rashes or have skin tumors. The product is 99% natural and does not penetrate deeply.

Skin spots and freckles will tend to appear darker once the product is applied, but unlike when we suntan, they do not actually darken, they just appear darker due to the external pigmentation effect. When the tanned effect fades, the spot returns to its original state.
To reduce this effect, it is recommended to apply moisturizer on the spots before applying the product or to leave a small amount of concealer on the dark spot and remove it with a cotton swab after applying the self tanner.

The scars/burns may appear lighter as the cells in these areas have a lower concentration of keratin, therefore DHA, which reacts with the keratin present on the stratum corneum of the skin, may develop less.

It is recommended not to use the products after 6 months from opening as the DHA may no longer be active.
Check the color of the product before applying if it has been opened for some time. If the color tends towards green, do not use it.

Yes, however it is necessary to wait at least one hour before applying products with SPF. It is even better if applied after rinsing off excess product.

Yes, BTAN products are suitable for all skin tones. For fair skin, it is recommended to use Il Sole Mousse, Il Sole Spray, and Il Sole Everyday.

BTAN products automatically adapt to the skin tone they encounter, so the risk of having unnatural colors does not exist.

However, the more product you apply, the darker you will become, so it is recommended to be careful in choosing and using the products correctly. In the first applications, use a small amount of product and gradually add more in later applications until you achieve the desired effect.

It would be helpful not to take a bath immediately before using the self-tanner. Water slightly swells the top layer of the skin, which could be the reason for an uneven tan. It’s better to take a shower.

Yes, it is recommended to rinse them with lukewarm water after applying the product and wash them with neutral soap after a few uses. Avoid the dryer.

It is not recommended to apply products before or after the application until you take the first shower. Creams and oils create a barrier on the skin that could prevent the tan from developing evenly.

In the days following the treatment, it is recommended to moisturize the skin well, preferably with Il Sole Everyday, to make the tan last longer. Avoid oily products that will make the color fade faster.

Yes, but not immediately after shaving. Wait at least a few hours.

For those with oily skin, it is recommended to use spray and mousse products as their formula is lighter.

No, BTAN products have a pleasant tropical scent because they do not contain chemical ingredients.


Yes, our Spray Tan Studio is in Via G. Donizetti 26, Milano, and we receive by appointment only. BTAN offers also a Mobile Spray Tan service. The Spray Tan can be performed in any location: hotel, office, home, Airbnb thanks to the setting up of a pop-up tent that allows you to preserve privacy and the surrounding environment.

The Spray Tan last about 10-12 days. For the result to be flawless, it is of fundamental importance to follow the pre- and post-treatment rules.
Using our mantainer cream Il Sole Everyday, the effect can last up to 15 days.

Absolutely yes. We don’t reccomend to use product with mineral oils, alcholic scents and retinol. Do not use oily make-up removers as they could make the tan fade faster. To make it last longer, however, it is essential to hydrate the skin well, preferably with Il Sole Everyday, our mantainer cream.

We suggest to do the Spray Tan 1/2 days before the special event.

Unlike the Glow Spray Tanning, contouring emphasizes the muscles and the natural curves of the body. The Spray Tan artist will proceed with a precision airbrush and a tanning solution specifically studied to obtain this special result. The effect will be that of contouring that is normally done with make-up.

Yes, the professional product contains DHA, which automatically reacts with the complexion it encounters for a natural, tanned and glowing result.

No, the peculiarity of BTAN’s professional product is that it reacts automatically with the complexion it meets. However, our Spray Tan Artists will be happy to listen to your requests and through avant-garde techniques recreate the effect required.

After doing the Spray Tan it is necessary to wait at least 6 hours before rinsing the product (without using soap), so that it develops perfectly. But be careful, do not wait more than 12 hours.

Yes, however it is of fundamental importance not to put your hands in contact with the face or other parts of the body while sleeping, to avoid the onset of spots.

The day before the treatment it is important to depilate, exfoliate the skin and do your spa treatments. Do not apply creams, oils or deodorants before treatment, as they could cause the onset of spots.

It is of fundamental importance to avoid clothes that are too tight, the outfit must be comfortable and preferably of a dark color.

The product can transfer slightly due to rubbing within 5/6 hours after application In case of color transfer, wash at 30°. Do not wear natural fabrics such as linen, hemp, silk while waiting for the first shower.

No, it is recommended not to sweat excessively in the 6 hours following the treatment, in this way the product will develop optimally.

The Spray Tan can be done as many times as you want, it is advisable to exfoliate the skin between one application and another for a homogeneous and streak-free result.