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Professional Spray Tanning


Combining well-being, health and aesthetics is now possible, thanks to the new professional Spray Tan service offered by BTAN, for a perfect tan 365 days a year without contraindications for your skin and health.

Spray tanning represents a valid alternative to lamps and incorrect exposure to the sun which, by developing melanin, is the main cause of skin aging and the development of melanomas (skin cancer).

BTAN’s Sunless Makeup is a completely innovative treatment that allows you to obtain, with the use of a new generation cosmetic, a perfect skin tone for every occasion.


A cutting-edge on-demand beauty service which, thanks to the pop-up tent in which the treatment is carried out, can be carried out in any location.

The spray tan treatment is carried out with the latest generation machinery, without making any mess or invading your privacy. The product application technique is certified and inimitable, for personalized results with a golden and luminous effect for all skin tones.

The home delivery service is active every day 7/7, upon reservation, from 8.30am to 8.30pm in Milan, Monza, Pavia, Voghera, Como, Lecco and Biella.

All types of payment are accepted: cash, card, paypal, satispay.

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The Professional Spray Tan service can reach you wherever you want:

The service can also be provided at our private studio in Milan 26, only on request.

The home delivery service is active in the cities and provinces of Milan, Monza, Pavia, Voghera, Lecco, Como and Biella. On demand for other locations and soon active in all major Italian cities.


Carlotta Niccolo, founder of the brand, is the first Italian Spray Tan Artist. She earned her certifications at Paradise Hollywood Spray Tanning Academy in Los Angeles, California.

With more than 10 years of experience in the sector, Carlotta’s dream of bringing the wonderful world of spray tanning to Italy has come true.

He also decided to teach the art of Spray Tanning by founding his Academy, within which BTAN’s Spray Tan Artists, specialists in the sector, are trained and certified. The team of our artists is constantly growing, the service is now available in the provinces of Milan, Monza, Lecco, Pavia, Como and Biella.

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Ketty Oru


+39 379 2574998

Stefania Llopis


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Luca Mazzini


+39 347 9593651

Isotta Leone


+39 339 5687042

We are looking for new Spray Tan Artists to join our team!

spray Tanning a domicilio


BTAN technology is unique and cutting-edge. Our Btan Artists use a specific technique and professional airbrushes to apply the product, for personalized results with a contouring effect for the most demanding.

BTAN’s professional product is a new generation self-tanner made with natural, vegan and cruelty free ingredients that adapts to the skin, does not change color and does not stink.

It is a real anti-age and moisturizing cosmetic, enriched with hyaluronic acid and nutrient excipients.

Organic DHA, an active tanning ingredient, is extracted from sugar cane and reacts with the proteins present on the stratum corneum of the skin, darkening them. There are no colors to choose or shades, the effect is completely similar to natural tanning, but it does not develop melanin and therefore does not age the skin!!

The product automatically adapts to the complexion it encounters, creating a unique and personalized effect for each skin tone and undertone.

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The tan lasts about 10 – 12 days and gradually disappears without leaving stains or streaks over the days. The effect can last up to 15 days thanks to the use of our mantainer: Il Sole Everyday, which moisturizes the skin and helps to emphasize the natural bronze and glow effect obtained with Spray Tan.

the 3 phases of treatment


preparation of the pop-up tent and instruments.


skin analysis and phototype test to obtain a flowless and tailor-made tanned effect.


session last about 45 minutes.

To obtain a flowless tanned effect you must:


Do a scrub at least 12 hours before the treatment and then before the spray, a shower and do not apply creams, oils, perfumes or deodorants on the skin.


Hair removal, manicure, pedicure, hairdresser etc, better 12 hours before Spray Tan treatment and not while it develops The day before the treatment and in any case not during the waiting hours.


After the treatment, wait at least 5/6 hours before showering, playing sports or sweating excessively to let the active ingredient develop the complexion.


Wear comfortable clothing, not too tight and preferably dark in color while waiting for your first shower. open shoes recommended.

wash away the excess

To ensure a natural and even complexion, wash off excess product after 6 hours or within 12 hours of application, only with water.


Moisturize your skin during next days using il Sole Everyday to maintain and prolong the tan

*perfect result is guaranteed, only and exclusively, if the pre and post treatment rules are carefully solved


Brides from all over the world, actresses, TV stars and big names in fashion have relied on the experience of Carlotta who has created, after years of studies, an organic and made in Italy product without equal.


A wonderful white dress and a gold and glow tan represent the perfect combination to arrive brighter than ever on your wedding day.

The wedding pack includes the Spray Tan trial, which is recommended to do at least 20 days before the chosen date and the Wedding Spray Tan to do 1/2 days before the wedding.

Quotes for the Mobile Spray Tan service depend on the date, the location, the treatment chosen, the number of people that will receive the Spray Tan and the possible special requests.

Contact our BTAN Artists to receive advice and choose the solution that best suits your needs.


Our Spray Tan Artists offer a Mobile Spray Tan service tailor-made for shooting, fashion shows, red carpet and special events.

You will have a flowless, gold and glow tanned effect, like an Instagram filter that allows you to halve the post-production work.


Contouring Spray Tanning is a perfect treatment for those who want to emphasize the muscles of the body.

Body builders, dancers and fit models rely on our Spray Tan Artists for their competitions to obtain an even more sculpted and tanned body.


about us

Studio Legale Arenosto
6 mesi fa

Prima esperienza con Btan. Carlotta è venuta a casa ed è stata professionale attenta persona solare gentile e discreta. Servizio impeccabile. Risultato fantastico assolutamente naturale. Prodotti vegan che dire ? Perfetto. Brava Carlotta

Celine Roels
3 settimane fa

Carlotta è una persona squisita, che ti fa sentire a tuo agio e che è estremamente professionale. Era la mia prima volta come sua cliente e mi ha dato un ‘GLOW’ perfetta! Consiglio vivamente!

Monica Telandro
6 mesi fa

Inizialmente diffidente, ho visto il risultato su un amica ed ho deciso di provare. Effetto meraviglioso e colorito, intenso nel mio caso, ma naturale. Servizio a domicilio super organizzato e professionale insomma....complimenti da una cliente estremamente soddisfatta!