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tanning tips

The most important stage is the preparation of the skin.

Imagine your skin as an artist’s canvas. It is essential to prepare it for flawless results.

Start by exfoliating your skin with an oil free scrub, paying particular attention to dry areas such as knees and elbows.

Remember that products containing oils create a barrier on the surface of the skin that does not allow DHA to take root, risking a non-homogeneous effect.

Proceed with any hair removal or shaving 24 hours before application and do not apply creams or oils in the 4/5 hours before.

Spray, cream or mousse according to your preferences.

– Try the face spray. Not comfortable? Then try with the cream and apply it with a brush as if it were a foundation.

– Try the body mousse. Do you want a darker effect? Try the Sole Cream

– Are you already tanned but your complexion is not even? Try Il Sole Spray Gradual Tan to even out your complexion.

– Are you looking for a unique product that gives you hydration and a little color? Try the Sole EveryDay!

To get the most natural result possible, we advise you not to use too much product. Especially the first few times, use a little product to understand the effect it will develop on your skin and eventually gradually add the amount each time.

Remember that the result depends on the starting complexion, so the effect you will get for example in winter when the complexion is lighter will be different from the effect you will get starting from an already darker complexion.

The Perfect-Tan glove is designed to accompany the product on the skin without leaving halos or streaks and to protect the palm of your hands which would otherwise become colored.

Warning: the palms of the hands tend to absorb DHA a lot. Immediately wash your hands with soap by rubbing vigorously.

If you use Il Sole Cream for the face we recommend using a foundation brush for a better application.

Hands, feet and elbows are always drier than the rest of the body therefore, first of all we advise you to put some moisturizer on them before applying (even between the fingers and toes, on the heels and on the inside of the wrists). The moisturizer creates a barrier that will make the product absorb less, thus preventing dry areas from becoming darker for greater absorption.

Then do not apply the product directly on these areas, but it fades from the shin to the foot and from the forearm to the hand, avoiding the cuticles and nails.

At the end of the application, with a damp cotton swab or a towel, clean the inside of the wrist, the heel and the space between one finger and the other. Do not apply the product directly, even under the armpits and groin.

Warning: do not rub the palms of the hands on the treated areas before showering to avoid the transfer of the product inside the hands.

In the hours following application, with the development of the active ingredient (DHA), the complexion will darken compared to the moment we finished applying it.

You must wait at least 3/4 hours before washing and, in this period of time, do not come into contact with water, do not sweat excessively and do not rub the treated areas will guarantee a perfect result.

DHA develops its effect up to 12 hours after application. The longer you wait before washing, the longer the result will last. During the first shower, the INSTANT TAN products may download some color, they are the pigments of the immediate effect and what the skin has not absorbed.

The effect lasts from 3 to 5 days and can be repeated without contraindications.

Take the first shower after the treatment, using a mild soap and pat your skin without rubbing it. The face inevitably lightens before the body, but proper hydration in the following days with Il Sole Everyday will guarantee you a long-lasting effect.

The effect will gradually fade with the natural exfoliation process of the skin.

Repeat a scrub or use an exfoliating glove before the next application to remove any product residue.